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barred owl Terre Haute is home to literally hundreds of diverse animal species. Amphibians, Reptiles (snakes), Birds, Mammals, Insects, and even cellular life rely on the forest's unique ecology for shelter, food and prey.

spotted salamander Even a quick walk through the property will reveal evidence of the many animals that make this area their home. In early morning hours, listen for the call of barred owls and mourning doves. There have even been reports of rare great horned owls spotted occasionally in the marshy lowlands. From higher ground and overlooks, keep your eyes out for numerous other birds of prey like the red-tailed hawk, kestrels, and turkey vultures as they circle - scanning the slopes for rodents, snakes and other prey. Families of wild turkeys comb the underbrush for food. There's enough songbirds, hummingbirds, waterfowl, woodpeckers and other avian species here to please any ornithophile!

Vernal pools are breeding ground for amphibians such as the spotted salamander, spring peepers, pickerel frogs and other species. Sunny outcroppings of granite are a favorite of snakes and anoles.

Whitetail deer are abundant in Terre Haute. During morning and evening feeding hours, the woods seem to come alive with them as they sprint and leap through the brush. Other mammals include muskrat, beavers, mink, weasel, squirrels, brown bats, mice and voles. Coyotes have been spotted in many nearby woods, so we have no doubt that they are here (or soon will be),

vulture The diversity of interconnected animal life here is a primary motivation for preserving the property in its natural, undeveloped state. These animals rely on a contiguous chain of woods for their survival. Dividing "their" land can cut them off from food sources, water and breeding areas and result in their departure or even death. Very few species make golf courses or suburban apartment complexes their home - and for good reason.

whitetail deer redtail hawk