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PATH is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that relies on like-minded people in our community for all of our needs and activities. We need you, your talents, and your support. Want to know how you can help?

  1. Visit Terre Haute! Until you've actually seen the property, you'll never know how valuable it is, and how worthy it is of our protection. Use the trails. Have fun and then TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
  2. Join our mailing list. We'll keep you updated about events and issues, and let you know how you can lend a hand
  3. Volunteer for a trail clean-up or an event. Watch the local newspapers for dates and times
  4. Contribute to PATH . Not just money, but bartered goods and services go a long way towards accomplishing our goals– and yours!
  5. Tell us what you think . Your feedback will help us to improve our campaign.
  6. Write a letter or editorial to local newspapers . Our community is particularly attuned to the voices of our neighbors. Help us spread the word.
  7. Vote for representatives who openly support the preservation of Terre Haute and "smart growth" principles for Bethel and Danbury

Your unique talents, interests and opinions are needed! We look forward to meeting you!.