The City of Danbury Connecticut is developing the Ives Trail Greenway, as a regional trail that links preserves in Ridgefield, Danbury, and Bethel. In July of 2003, Mayor Mark Boughton announced the appointment of a committee to study and creat the Ives Trail.  The trail will extend from Terra Haute in Bethel and Rogers Park Pond in east Danbury, northerly past the Charles Ives Homestead, and then westerly through Tarrywile Park. It will continue southwest  through Wooster Mountain State Park to the existing trail system of Bennetts Pond and Pine Mountain Parks in Ridgefield.
The Ives Trail Greenway will create a continuous open space corridor across the southern tier of Danbury.
By continuing south from Terra Haute which straddles the Danbury-Bethel-Redding line,it may be possible with a short road walk to access the Saugatuck Valley Trail System. This trail system extends south parallel to Route 58, and ultimately has direct access to Devils Den in Weston.

The Ives Trail is named in honor of Charles Ives.
Ives, born in Danbury in 1874, is noted for his original classical compositions. In 1947 he won a Pulitzer prize for his Symphony Number 3.

The Ives Trail Committee has completed the identification of the best location for the trail. The trail layout has addressed certain environmentally sensitive areas which were found. The trail is located away from these sensitive areas.
With this phase completed, trail development proposals were formulated, along with the proposed cost to complete the Ives trail. Over the past year the Committee has identified property requirements and other issues needed to create the entire trail. In consultation with The National Park Service and The Conway School of Landscape Design, a management and maintenance plan for the trail is being generated.
There is a substantial amount of community support for the project. In addition to local conservation organizations, The City of Danbury, Town of Bethel, and Town of Ridgefield are solidly for implementation of this greenway.

Recently, a grant was received which was designated for the initial section of the Ives Trail. The Meserve Foundation grant has funded trail signs, and trail brochures.It will fund environmental interpretation signs for the initial section of the Ives Trail Greenway of approximately one mile, linking the Charles Ives Homestead, off Mountainville Avenue at Rogers Park, to the other trails in the Ives Greenway.
CONDOT has installed a hand actuated traffic signal to allow hikers to safely cross the road at the reconstructed Route 7 crossing. Additionally, a parking area is now being constructed close to the Route 7 trail crossing.

The trail is currently partially completed. A major portion of the trail was opened on June 3, 2006 (National Trails Day). On this day, there were various guided hikes along sections of the trail, including one hike of the entire 14 miles.

Starting at Bennetts Pond in Ridgefield, the trail is complete to Route 7. Additional segments thru Wooster Mountain State Park, and Tarrywile Park are completed. E-mail us with your questions.

Jackson Pond on the Ives Trail
Bennetts Pond trail system
Preservation Advocates for Terre Haute
The Land Trust of Danbury
Tarrywile Park
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Map of the Ives Trail
The first hike of the entire trail
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